Rebuild Your Smile with an Implant-Supported Denture

In the past, patients missing most or all of their teeth typically had to rely on a traditional denture. While effective, these types of restorations often slip and slide out of place at unfortunate moments, making eating, speaking, and smiling more difficult.

Dr. Randal Watson in Austin, TX, offers implant-supported dentures as a more comfortable and stable solution for widespread tooth loss. By connecting your restoration to dental implants placed into your jaw, you can feel confident that your denture will look natural and stay firmly in place. Dr. Watson can both place and restore your implants for convenient, streamlined treatment. 

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Comparison of implant-supported and traditional dentures

Implant-supported dentures are attached directly to the jawbone itself, while traditional dentures sit on top of the gums. 

Attaching your partial or full denture to dental implants provides a range of advantages over traditional restorations, including:

  • Increased stability: Implants act as artificial tooth roots, anchoring your denture into your jaw for a more stable and secure fit.
  • Improved function: Unstable traditional dentures can make it more difficult to eat and speak properly. With an implant-supported restoration, you can speak with confidence and enjoy all of your favorite foods.
  • Better oral health: By replacing the roots of your teeth, dental implants provide the same jaw stimulation as natural tooth roots, helping to prevent jawbone recession.
  • More natural-looking results: When traditional dentures shift out of place, they no longer look or feel natural. Implant-supported dentures mimic the qualities of natural teeth for an overall more natural effect. 

An implant-supported denture can create a smile you feel proud to show off and improve your overall quality of life. 

Do I Qualify for an Implant-Supported Denture?

Most patients who qualify for a traditional denture can also receive an implant-supported restoration. However, there are special considerations for dental implants. The best way to find out if this treatment is right for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Watson.

During your consultation, he will ensure:

  • You have sufficient jawbone tissue to support implants
  • You are free from oral health concerns which could affect implant success, such as gum disease or tooth decay
  • You can safely receive oral surgery

We offer a range of services to improve your candidacy for dental implants, such as periodontal care and bone grafts

With an implant-supported restoration, you can speak with confidence and enjoy all of your favorite foods.

The Treatment Process

Receiving an implant-supported denture typically takes several months. Your treatment will likely involve multiple stages:

  1. Planning: Using x-rays and scans, Dr. Watson will precisely map out your implant treatment.
  2. Preparation: You will undergo any preparatory procedures, such as tooth extraction, bone grafting, or treatment for gum disease. Depending on the type of treatment, you may need a few months to heal before your implant surgery.
  3. Implant placement: Dr. Watson will embed four to eight dental implants into your jawbone to provide support for your denture.
  4. Healing: It typically takes three to six months for the implant posts to fuse and create a stable base for the denture. We may place a temporary restoration for you to wear during this time.
  5. Restoration: Once your implants have healed, Dr. Watson can design your permanent denture and attach it to your implant posts for a fully restored smile. 

The length of your treatment will depend on your current oral health and the natural healing speed of your body. 

A Smile You Can Rely on

Extensive tooth loss can make everyday tasks difficult and frustrating. Dental implants provide an unrivaled option for replacing missing teeth. For more information about the benefits of an implant-supported denture, contact our office online or call (512) 266-3600 today. 

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