Tooth Extraction

Dr. Randal Watson in Austin, TX, will always try to save a damaged or decayed tooth, but in some cases, tooth extraction is the best option. He offers several sedation options and uses advanced techniques to make the procedure virtually painless. Dr. Watson also provides dental implants and custom restorations to replace extracted teeth and restore the health and balance of your smile. If you have experienced dental trauma or are currently experiencing a toothache or other signs of oral health complications, Dr. Watson can determine if you require tooth extraction.

dental x-ray

An x-ray can reveal if damage or decay is extensive enough to warrant tooth extraction.

When is Tooth Extraction Needed?

Dr. Watson makes every effort to avoid the need for extraction. It is more beneficial for your oral and overall health to salvage the tooth if possible. If other options are ineffective, he may recommend extraction. You may need to have a tooth extracted if:

  • One or more teeth are severely decayed or damaged
  • You have hyperdontia, or extra teeth
  • In preparation for dentures
  • Your smile is overcrowded and one or more teeth must be removed to prepare for orthodontic treatment
  • You have an impacted tooth
Before removing a tooth, Dr. Watson can provide you with a sedative so you can feel calm and relaxed.

How are Teeth Removed?

Before removing a tooth, Dr. Watson will provide you with a sedative so you can feel calm and relaxed. He will also administer a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. Fully erupted teeth that need removal, such as a severely decayed tooth, are gently loosened and removed with forceps.

To remove partially or fully impacted teeth, Dr. Watson will need to incise the gums. In some cases, he may need to use a dental tool to separate the tooth into pieces before removing it.

Depending on the reason for extraction and location of the tooth, Dr. Watson may apply bone grafting material to the emptied socket. This is known as socket preservation, and it is useful for patients wanting to replace the tooth with a dental implant. You must allow time for the graft to integrate and for your gums to heal before replacing the missing tooth or teeth.

Replacing Your Extracted Teeth

Dr. Watson offers natural-looking restorative options to replace teeth that have been extracted. For small gaps of one to three missing teeth, he may recommend a porcelain dental bridge. A traditional bridge consists of two dental crowns, which support one or more artificial teeth. He can also provide an implant-supported bridge that does not require placement of crowns. If you require extraction of just one tooth, Dr. Watson can replace it with an implant-supported crown. For most patients, dental implants are the best option, but they are not usually covered by insurance. Our staff can explain financing options to help you budget for dental implants.

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We will always try to save a damaged tooth first, but if extraction is necessary, you can count on us for a comfortable procedure and a top-quality restoration. Contact us online or call one of our offices to schedule an appointment.

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