A Bone Graft Can Help You Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients with bone loss and other preexisting conditions were previously considered poor candidates for dental implants. However, advancements in technology and implant dentistry have made it possible for virtually any patient to enjoy the benefits of implants.

If you have weak or insufficient jawbone tissue, Randal Watson, DDS, PA can restore your candidacy for dental implants with bone grafting. Dr. Watson can perform this procedure at both of our office locations throughout Austin, TX. In addition to restoring your candidacy for implants, a bone graft can help your facial features look fuller and more youthful.

Basics of Bone Grafting 

During a bone graft, Dr. Watson will use your own tissue or another biocompatible grafting material to rebuild areas where you have experienced bone recession. If the recession is in your upper jaw, you may also need a sinus lift to create space for the implants beneath your sinus cavity. If this is the case, Dr. Watson will refer you to a specialist who can perform the procedure.

Studies have shown that implants placed in grafted bone can be just as successful as those placed in natural bone.

When Do You Need Bone Grafting? 

After you lose a tooth, your bone almost immediately begins to recede because it is no longer getting stimulation from your tooth roots. In addition to potentially affecting your candidacy for dental implants, jawbone recession can also cause changes to your facial structure, making it look sunken or sullen. 

Bone grafting may be recommended to patients who have:

  • Left missing teeth untreated for a prolonged period of time 
  • Struggled with periodontal disease 
  • Suffered facial trauma 

Many patients also need bone grafting following a tooth extraction. This is known as a socket preservation, and it prepares you to receive a dental implant in the future. 

To determine whether you need a bone graft prior to dental implants, we will take digital x-rays to assess the health of your jaw. If we see any jaw recession, you may be a good candidate for a bone graft. 

The Treatment Process 

If Dr. Watson determines that a bone graft is right for you, he will usually schedule the surgery three to six months prior to your implant surgery. This gives your new bone enough time to heal between surgeries.

Dr. Watson will begin by numbing the treatment area with a local anesthetic. For your comfort, we also offer various types of deeper sedation, including general anesthesia. He will then create an incision in your gums to access your bone tissue. He will carefully place the bone or material against the weakened jawbone tissue and suture your gums back together. 

During a bone graft, Dr. Watson will place a small block of bone tissue in your jaw to encourage new growth. 

Recovering from a Bone Graft 

To ensure a healthy recovery, our office will provide you with complete aftercare instructions. 

Most patients are fully healed within three to six months. During this recovery period, your grafted bone tissue will fuse with the surrounding tissue to form a stable, strong foundation for your dental implants. Bone grafts are an extremely reliable method of bone restoration, and studies have shown that implants placed in grafted bone can be just as successful as those placed in natural bone

Get Started Today 

Because a bone graft typically adds a few months to your dental implant treatment plan, you should get started as soon as possible to avoid putting off your goals. Unlike some doctors, Dr. Watson performs this procedure himself, so you can receive care under the same dentist from the start of your treatment to the finish. To schedule your consultation at our practice, request an appointment online or call us at (512) 266-3600. 

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