Root Canal Therapy Can Save Even a Severely Damaged Tooth

If you have a dental infection, root canal therapy at our Austin, TX, practice will typically be the most effective way to save your damaged tooth. The treatment can also ease discomfort and reduce your risk for further dental damage. Dr. Randal Watson is highly experienced performing root canal therapy, and he can deliver quick, efficient treatment. During the procedure, he will clean out your tooth to eliminate bacteria and infected tissue. Then he will place a custom-made dental crown to restore your appearance and oral function. Thanks to his careful techniques and advanced materials, following treatment, your tooth will be a near-perfect match to the rest of your smile.

Do You Require Root Canal Therapy?

If you are suffering from a dental infection, root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, may be right for you. A toothache is the most common sign of infection. Discomfort may be constant or intermittent. Typically, pressure or temperature changes will exacerbate your pain. Your toothache could also send twinges across your lower face and into your ears. Other symptoms of dental infection include chronic bad breath, gum abscesses, and internal discoloration of a single tooth. In some cases, Dr. Watson will recommend a root canal to repair a cracked tooth. To qualify for this treatment, your crack must be fairly large, but it should not extend all the way to the roots of your tooth.

It is important to understand that internal infection can worsen free of symptoms, which is one reason why it is so important to attend twice-yearly preventive exams. Dr. Watson will conduct an exam and take x-rays to evaluate the extent of your dental damage. Then he can determine whether root canal therapy is the most appropriate option for you.

Root canal therapy diagram

Root canal therapy consists of several steps designed to thoroughly clean out the tooth and remove all traces of infection.

Our Gentle, Minimal Discomfort Root Canal Procedure

Our endodontic treatment involves very little discomfort, thanks to Dr. Watson’s careful and personalized techniques. Nevertheless, if you are nervous about your care, we can provide sedation to help you relax. We offer various sedation options, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and general anesthesia. During your consultation, we will help you choose the right option, based primarily on your anxiety level. Even if you do not choose sedation, we will administer local anesthesia, so your treatment should be virtually painless.

We strive to minimize discomfort during root canal treatment by using precise and gentle techniques, and we also offer sedation options.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Watson will create a tiny access point in the top of your tooth. Through this opening, he can remove all bacteria and infected tissue from the inner chamber of your tooth. He will also clean out and reshape your root canals. After your tooth is free of bacteria, your dentist will fill it with a soft rubber compound. This material will seal your tooth to keep bacteria from re-entering. Finally, your dentist will take impressions of your tooth in preparation for your crown. Thanks to our advanced CEREC® technology, we can usually provide a beautiful restoration on the same day as the rest of your treatment. Your CEREC® crown will be made from state-of-the-art porcelain, so it will blend naturally with your smile.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is usually the only way to save an infected tooth. Without this treatment, the infection would grow worse and eventually require dental extraction. In more serious cases, the infection could spread to your other teeth and even to your jawbone. In contrast, following root canal therapy, you could enjoy complete dental function that will last for years. Your custom crown will also restore the appearance of your tooth, concealing any discoloration that affected the tooth. Finally, the treatment will ease your toothache. Though you may experience some sensitivity after your procedure, you will typically notice an immediate improvement in the level of your discomfort.

Find Relief From Your Symptoms

If you are suffering from the symptoms of a dental infection, find out if root canal therapy is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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