A Friendly, Personalized Approach to Family Dentistry

Our team strives to create a warm, welcoming environment, where we provide comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. Dr. Randal Watson has a comforting chairside manner and a gentle touch that makes him an excellent dentist for the whole family. Along with his team, he provides a full range of family dentistry services at his Austin, TX, practice. Exams and cleanings are fundamental, since they will lay a foundation for future oral health. We also offer special preventive treatments for children, as well as a full array of restorative dentistry procedures. It is vital that you and your family visit our office regularly. Routine visits can help to prevent cavities and similar health problems. We can also educate you and your child about the most effective ways to protect your oral health.

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The entire family can play a role in pediatric care by setting a good example and practicing routine oral hygiene. 

Family Dentistry Treatments at Our Practice

No matter your age, routine exams and cleanings are vital for long-term dental wellness. At these visits, your hygienist will remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar using a specialized tool. Without professional care, these substances will eventually lead to cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. During this visit, we will listen to your needs and concerns in order to provide more comfortable, effective care. Dr. Watson and your hygienist will also provide a complete exam. After looking for the early signs of decay, gum disease, and related conditions, they can provide conservative treatment.

We offer special preventive treatments for children, as well as a full array of restorative dentistry procedures.

We also provide fluoride treatments and sealants, which are typically recommended for children. Fluoride is an important mineral that strengthens dental enamel in the developmental stages. Our rinses, washes, and varnishes can supplement your child’s consumption of fluoride for improved oral health. Once your child’s molars start to come in, we will typically recommend sealants. The liquid plastic coating will harden over the back teeth, creating a barrier against food and bacteria.

How Often Should You and Your Family Visit the Dentist?

For optimal oral health, you and your children should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Many people mistakenly assume that kids face a very low risk of cavities and that dental cleanings are not important. In reality, children can develop dental decay just as easily as adults. In fact, in some cases, they may be more prone to decay since their diets are often higher in sugar. Therefore, we advise you to schedule dental visits about six months after your children’s first teeth come in.

Why Choose Dr. Watson for Your Family’s Dental Needs?

Dr. Watson is great at communicating with his patients, and he understands how to speak to different age groups in ways that they can easily understand. With our team’s pleasant demeanor, we can teach you about the best ways to care for your teeth, laying the groundwork for a lifelong healthy smile. We also use state-of-the-art technology, including air abrasion instruments and soft tissue lasers, to provide comfortable, efficient treatment.

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