Effective Teeth Whitening with Lasting Results

White, sparkling teeth can make a big difference in the quality of your smile. But many dental stains can make bright teeth a difficult goal to achieve. Often incorporated into smile makeovers, modern whitening methods make it easier and faster than ever to achieve a beautiful smile. Dr. Randal Watson offers Zoom! teeth whitening because of its superior results. Our dental practice highly encourages patients to take part in our Whitening for Life program. To learn more about teeth whitening, contact our Austin, TX, practice today.

When you maintain good dental health and schedule your biannual preventive visits, you will qualify for our Whitening for Life program.

How Do Dental Stains Develop?

Stains are a common concern that can greatly affect the color of your teeth. There are several factors that can contribute to dental discoloration, such as age and genetics. In some cases, certain medications can create internal stains.

However, food and drink are by far the most common reasons for stained teeth. Dark-colored substances, including coffee, tea, red wine, and tomato sauce are usual culprits. When consumed regularly, these heavily pigmented molecules can adhere to your dental enamel.

Over time, your smile can develop a yellowish or brownish tint. Smoking has similar effects, since nicotine and tar also contain dark-colored molecules.

Understanding Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Woman receiving Zoom! teeth whitening treatment.  Zoom! whitening uses hydrogen peroxide-based gel to lighten teeth. As the gel penetrates your dental enamel, it will release oxygen molecules which will break dental stains apart. During an in-office whitening session, Dr. Watson or your hygienist will apply the gel to your teeth. Next, a special light is used to activate the gel and trigger the release of oxygen.

After about fifteen minutes, we will remove the gel and apply a new layer. We will typically repeat this process three times, but if you have particularly severe stains, you may require more rounds of whitening. In most cases, your smile will be dramatically whiter in one hour or less.

Like many patients, you may worry that whitening will cause tooth sensitivity. Dr. Watson and his team strive to provide oral treatments that involve minimal discomfort. We will carefully apply the gel and cover your gums before whitening, so that the gel will not cause sensitivity.

Maintaining Your New, Whiter Teeth

Zoom! can lighten your smile by six shades or more, but without proper care, stains can redevelop. For this reason, we will provide you with a free touch-up kit following your initial treatment. Of course, proper dental hygiene will prevent discoloration, as well as more serious health concerns.

Additionally, when you maintain good dental health and schedule your biannual preventive visits, you will qualify for our Whitening for Life program. Every time you come in for an exam and cleaning, we will provide you with a free tube of whitening gel to perform touch-ups at home.

To further protect your smile, you should reduce your consumption of stain-producing foods and drinks. When you do choose to enjoy these items, be sure to drink plenty of water and brush your teeth when you are finished.

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You can find your beautiful, white smile in just one visit to our dental practice. Contact us today to learn more about Zoom! teeth whitening and if it is right for you. 

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